We take your privacy very seriously and work to keep your personal information safe. We NEVER sell, exchange, or give away your personal information to third parties for any reason.

When do we receive personal information about you?

When you register on our website and/or place an order with us, we receive your personal information including your username (if applicable), email address, shipping/billing address, and phone (if applicable).

When you contact us via email, text, phone, review, private message, or comment, we receive your name and username, email address, and any other information presented through communications.

When you like, follow, and/or comment on our social media pages, we can refer to your name/username, but we never keep a list of people who are liking/following us. The only exception is that we will ask for the name, address, and email address for anyone who wins a free item in a drawing. We may announce the winner on our social media page, but we will not give out any identifying information and we will keep all personal information protected in the same manner as customers.

Third-party social media and other advertisements will use an algorithm for displaying ads to its users based on their personal information such as employment, interests, group membership, etc. Flat Hippo never receives any information regarding people who are receiving or responding to our ads. We only receive statistics regarding the number of people who viewed or interacted with the advertisements.

How is your personal information processed?

All orders received from our website or Etsy are transferred to our shipping service and project management service, which also are compliant with upholding strict privacy policies.

How do we use your personal information?

– We use your name, email address or username, and/or phone number for communication regarding your order.
– We use your name and shipping address to ship your item through a service which is regulated by the USPS.
– Flat Hippo and/or Etsy may contact you once following your order to request a review of our products and service.
– When you leave a review on our website or Etsy, or email it to us, we may post your review on our website and/or social media pages. We will credit the testimonial using your first name and last initial only, unless you request otherwise.

How do we respond to subpoenas and other requests for information?

We may share your information with courts, law enforcement agencies, or other government agencies as required by law to do so.

You may request at any time that your personal information in our files be corrected, amended or deleted, except when doing so would prevent us from completing and shipping your order. You may also request a record of what personal information we have on file, as well as request a limit on use and disclosure. Contact us at service@flathippo.com for such requests.

How do you opt-in to our newsletter or marketing emails?

We will NEVER add customers, social media followers, drawing participants, vendor booth visitors, or anyone else to our newsletter or marketing emails without their express permission.

We will send one email to vendor booth drawing entrants to announce the winner and may invite the recipients to visit our website to opt-in to our newsletter or marketing emails, if desired.

Our newsletter and marketing communication opt-ins are completely separate from website registration, order checkouts, etc. so there’s never confusion about what a person is opting into.

All newsletters and marketing emails will have an Unsubscribe button at the bottom of each email to allow recipients to stop receiving those communications at any time. Unsubscribers will still receive communications as necessary regarding their open orders.

How do we use cookies and tracking technology?

Our website will use cookies to keep items stored in your cart until you are ready to purchase. You may block and/or remove cookies using your browser’s settings at any time. Any items that were in your cart will be removed and you will be logged out if you were logged into our site as a registered user. If you use a different browser or use a new device to access our website, you will need to remove/block our cookies again.

We may use tracking systems on our website or Etsy for statistics and will not keep records of any personally-identifiable information. We use such information for marketing and business decisions only.

How long do we retain your data and for what purposes?

We retain your information attached to past orders for as long as necessary to serve you, to maintain your account, and as needed to operate our business.

How do we protect your information?

We use only legitimate, well-known providers, who have similar privacy policies, for our shipping and project management services.

We use security software to monitor and keep our website safe.

All of our transactions are processed through Paypal or Etsy, who have extensive data protection on their websites, so your data is transmitted, stored, and protected in compliance with the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standards.

All of our staff are trained and required to safeguard your data. Access to your data is limited to only those who need it for shipping and customer service purposes.

Do we make changes to our privacy policy?

As our products, services, and marketing needs change, we may update our privacy policy to provide applicable information as to how personal information handling is affected. We also reserve the right to make privacy policy changes as laws and technological changes require.

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