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We are passionate about “comfort[ing] those who stand in need of comfort”. All of us at Flat Hippo have friends or family with conditions or a traumatic past that have caused sensory issues, anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc.

We know how challenging it is to endure sleepless nights.
To hold and comfort loved ones with anxiety or depression for hours on end.
To fight for the support that those loved ones need from school, therapists, doctors, insurance, etc, etc.
To make decisions regarding traditional vs. naturopathic medicine, diet, therapy, etc.
To make the distinction between bad behavior and natural responses to over- or under-stimulation.
To watch those we love decline in mental and physical health because of the conditions they must endure.

We know there are many organizations out there who fight for, protect, and provide services to those in need. We are dedicated to providing calm and comfort to those people by giving of our weighted blankets and lap pads.

Any affiliate funds made from purchases made through our Amazon affiliate links go directly to our Flat Hippo Friends Program. We also accept donations of cash, fabric, and polyester thread.

You can donate funds using the form on the right. For material donations, please contact us at service@flathippo.com. Please note that we are a for-profit organization so any donations will not be tax-deductible.

Flat Hippo Friends Donation




Funds will be applied to the creation and/or acquisition of weighted blankets, lap pads, and other sensory products for charities, hospitals, and other organizations in need. Flat Hippo is a for-profit organization and, as such, any donations of funds, services or material goods are NOT tax-deductible.

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Supporter ($5), Acquaintance ($10), Buddy ($20), Friend ($50), BFF ($100), Family ($500)


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