About Us

The FLAT HIPPO team is made up of passionate parents and family members of people with sensory processing disorder, autism, etc. We are based out of Queen Creek, Arizona but we have talented remote seamstresses throughout Arizona and a couple other states. All members of our team, including management, create the beautiful weighted blankets that hundreds of people have come to love in less than a year that we’ve been in business. We have done months of research and consultation with professionals in order to create blankets using safe materials in the weights, sizes, and textures desired by those who would use them, and we have years of experience working with those with special needs and realize the challenges that those needs can present.

Our name, FLAT HIPPO, comes from the denser fillings, including glass and stainless steel microbeads, that create much thinner blankets than the industry standard so they are easier to maneuver, to fold, and to transport. Although we realize that this is a niche market and we could charge the prices that our competitors do, we refuse to contribute to the overpricing that’s out there. We want to be able to help people and realize that not everyone can afford, nor should they pay, $200 for a small weighted blanket to help them sleep at night or calm down from an anxiety attack or for whatever they may need it.

Please let us know at any time if you have any questions, suggestions for new products or changes to our current product offerings or features, or any complaints. We are always working to improve our products, service, and selection.

– Becky Crockett
– Business Manager, FLAT HIPPO

Current Turnaround Times:     Custom: 2-4 weeks • Quick-Start: 1-3 weeks • Ship-Ready: 1-4 days Dismiss