About the Blankets

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Weighted Blankets work like Deep Touch Pressure that is used by Occupational Therapists.

  • Provides sensory input
  • Releases serotonin and melatonin to help people…
  • Calm down, relax and focus
  • Feel secure and happier
  • and to fall sleep more quickly and sleep more deeply

Weighted blankets and lap pads are often used by those with sensory issues caused by Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, and ADD/ADHD to provide a secure, grounded feeling, to calm anxiety and sensory overload, and to help provide focus.

They can help calm those with anxiety and stress due to Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

They can also help to relieve sore/tense muscles due to Parkinson’s, Restless Leg Syndrome, etc.

The generally recommended weight for weighted blankets is 10% of the person’s ideal body weight plus one pound. Medical professionals may recommend heavier or lighter depending on user’s needs and preferences.

Our weighted blankets are available in the weights below.

Person’s Ideal Weight (lbs) Blanket Weight (lbs) Toddler (30x40″) Child (40x50″) Adult (40x70″)
20-24 lbs 3 lbs
25-34 lbs 4 lbs
35-44 lbs 5 lbs
45-54 lbs 6 lbs
55-64 lbs 7 lbs
65-74 lbs 8 lbs
75-84 lbs 9 lbs
85-94 lbs 10 lbs
95-104 lbs 11 lbs
105-114 lbs 12 lbs
115-124 lbs 13 lbs
125-134 lbs 14 lbs
135-144 lbs 15 lbs
145-154 lbs 16 lbs
155-164 lbs 17 lbs
165-174 lbs 18 lbs
175-184 lbs 19 lbs
185-194 lbs 20 lbs
cotton weighted blankets
glass beads weighted blankets
flannel weighted blankets
stainless steel weighted blankets

Our weighted blankets are made to withstand the kind of pressure of being pulled over your body, tossed onto a bed or couch, scrunched into a ball, shoved on the floor, picked up by a corner, etc.

We reinforce the edges of our blankets, using strong polyester thread, with 3 stitches.

  1. Outside seam
  2. Outside top-stitch
  3. Inside top-stitch

So the filling of your blanket would have to go through all 3 before it could get out between the layers of fabric.

Guarantee: If you find that your blanket begins to lose filling, send it back to us (you pay to ship it to us and we’ll pay to ship it back) and we will repair it so it doesn’t lose any more.

We offer 4 types of blanket filling that offer various pros and cons

Glass Microbeads Stainless Steel Microbeads
 Smoothness very smooth & round very smooth & round
 Density med density high density = thin blanket
 Washability washable washable
 Texture smooth/fluid smooth/fluid
 Size tiny small
 Maneuver/Fold easy easiest
 Allergies very low, if any very low, if any

We offer two types of fabric for our weighted blankets and lap pads. (We do have some specialty lap pads with different fabrics, which can be found on our Etsy shop.)

Cotton: The most common fabric found in sheets, quilts, dress shirts, etc. It is lightweight so it’s best for warm summer months and can be combined with warmer blankets for colder months. The most versatile choice.

Flannel: Flannel is also 100% cotton but it is a bit thicker, softer and a little bit fuzzier than regular cotton. It’s good for people who like a softer fabric but want something cool for summer. Will become softer after first wash but it will also begin to pill (doesn’t really affect blanket integrity, just the texture).

Minky: Minky fabric is a 100% polyester fabric that is smooth, soft and cuddly. Dimple dot minky has a 3mm pile. Textured minky fabrics have higher pile between 10-30mm. It is a heavyweight fabric so it’s better for cooler weather or for children who do not generally get hot/sweaty when sleeping. Also machine-washable.

Current Turnaround Times:     Custom: 2-4 weeks • Quick-Start: 1-3 weeks • Ship-Ready: 1-4 days Dismiss